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Lesson options:

1. Trainer Kite Land Lesson - this is a "dry" lesson in basic kiteflying!

2. "Ride The Sky" Beginner Kiteboarding Course - everything you'll need to know to get riding.


1. Trainer Kite Land Lesson

This lesson is a class designed to teach you kite-flying basics on the beach, so you can decide if you want to continue with the water lesson and kiteboarding instruction. If so, the cost of the lesson will be applied to the "Ride The Sky" course, and we will continue on with the water lesson to complete your course.

The cost of this lesson is $100 and it lasts one hour.

Click here to schedule a LAND LESSON.

2. "Ride The Sky" Beginner Kiteboarding Class

Part 1: Ground school (Land lesson)

1. Understanding the wind and weather

2. Learning the equipment and terminology

3. Simulated kite bar control

4. Basic kite-flying

Part 2: In the water

1. Water launch

2. Kite steering and control

3. Basic board skills

4. Finally learning the water launch to begin riding the wind!

The cost of this lesson is $270 private and lasts 3 hours. Group rates available.

Click here to schedule a LAND & WATER LESSON.

Advanced Lessons and Kite Rentals

If you have already completed your beginner kiteboarder lesson, we would love to help you progress to the lext level, whether it's learning to ride upwind, transitions, or boosting, or another skill that an advanced rider would want to learn. $90 / hr private; $75 pp / hr for a class of 2; $60 pp / hr for a class of 3

If you are a kiteboarder with some experience on vacation in the Tampa Bay area, we do have some gear available, depending on your experience level and gear availability. Click here for rental prices.